In many ways New Image PR - UK is a "PR Company" which isn't a "PR Company".
New Image PR originated in 1980 in Los Angeles. The initials "PR" have become somewhat of a misnomer because, originally based at 900 Sunset Boulevard - it was the brain child of John R Collins who is now the CEO - Stayhealthy, Inc - Los Angeles, over the years it has developed into providing media skills orientated innovative solutions.
Focusing on the 80'S Los Angeles music scene New Image PR commenced representation in the UK 1981.
Our ethos that has remained constant over the years, evolved into providing communication skills, development and support to activists who embrace democratic principles.
New Image PR continues to be discreet and confidential so that projects remain exclusively within a client's classified control. Consequently a named specific client list is not published.
Projects have involved democratic activists from countries as diverse as Dominican Republic, El Salvador, India, Lithuania, Serbia, Sweden, Uganda, USA and United Kingdom. Travel / PR video projects:- Cyprus, Malta & Spain. Articles:- UAE / UK.
New Image PR continues to originate articles for various in-house corporate magazines and travel publications, as well as entertainment industry projects.

                                                        New Image PR - UK